The Worlds Only 

Permanent Retrofit Hard Film Crystal Clear Coating Providing, Protection Against Enveloped Viruses & Bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 for ALL Hard Surfaces*

                                                  Developed in 2013 the first permanent retrofit ALL surface protectant that is proven to continuously kill 99.9% of enveloped viruses and bacteria  including SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19

The most advanced combination of effective and  permanent Antiviral & Antibacterial protection on the market

24 Hour Protection

Continuously providing round the clock protection. Once an environment is vacated the coated areas will self sanitise/sterilise

Cost effective

Huge coverage of over 35 m2 per litre with a minimum once every 18 month

re-application period.

365 Days a year

Proven durability of 18 months on high traffic areas and over 5 years on seldom touched areas


Hard film coating with a Scratch resistance of H7 on the HB pencil scale where Granite is only H6

ISO 21702 Tested

Originally tested in 2014 re-tested in 2020 by independent approved laboratories in the United Kingdom as well as several other countries

Helping control the spread of virus Worldwide

Currently being applied to countries Worldwide controlling virus and bacterial growth on surfaces

Low maintenance

So durable that you can revert back to your usual cleaning regime with no need to disinfect,fog or use wipe on products,

Environmentally Safe

The silver ion technology is safely infused into the coating and are guaranteed to not leach whilst being protected from UV degradation

Permanent solution to infection control

Long-lasting 30-day disinfectants

These products are usually offered as a fogging or bomb process which means that they are atomised or put into the air via fogging equipment and allowed to fall onto surfaces. Firstly, this is not a perfectly accurate form of application as there are no guarantees that all aspects of all surfaces are treated such as undersides nooks and crannies where bacteria and virus like to hide and breed. This also applies to any form of product applied in this fashion. I have no doubt that these products will remain active for a period in a laboratory test where they are untouched however in a real-life test, they wipe off with general use very quickly and off little or no durability. These products are designed to clean down surfaces and would offer some level of protection on textiles.


     Technical Director

BROMOCO International

Other products on the market comparison

We are often compared to other products that have appeared on the market since the break of COVID 19.

The main difference is that TOUCH Antimicrobial coatings are a film coating which seal and provide 100% protection of a treated surface.

I have listed two of the main types below and given my opinion and experience of them.


Nano type & electrostatics applied products

These products are probably the most common on the market with some bold and questionable claims such as providing protection for 6 month or more. By the very nature of these products the durability in a real time situation is questionable as for the most part the Nano sized very sticky particles are suspended in a solvent / alcohol solution. They are wiped onto a surface and the solvent evaporates /flashes off leaving the particles to stick to the surface. As these particles are sticky, they also stick to anything that touches them including hands and clothing quickly leaving the surface unprotected. In our tests on a door handles there was little left after just a few hours.

My other concerns are regarding the silver ions as they are not UV stable and when exposed to UV light their effectiveness diminishes, unlike TOUCH Antimicrobial coatings Nano type coatings offer no protection from UV light as they are not a film. Also, I am concern about the environmental impact of the silver ions being released when touched or simply drop off over time, again unlike TOUCH Antimicrobial coatings Nano coatings offer no way of encapsulating the silver ions thus preventing leaching. Silver ions are considered a biocide and should be treated with caution and It is worth noting that in Germany BUND criticized the product, claiming that considerable amounts of silver could enter sewage plants and seriously trouble the biological purification process of wastewater. Friends of the Earth has also claimed that silver nano particles have a toxic effect on different kinds of living cells.

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